O t t o L i n d h o l m

Where The Wolf Has Been Seen by Maze & Lindholm

Released on Aurora Borealis Recordings - Nov16th 2018


Combining the talents of P.Maze, one half of noise/techno duo Orphan Swords, with fellow Brussels-based producer and musician Otto Lindholm, ‘Where The Wolf Has Been Seen’ is a meditative and claustrophobic work for electronics and double bass.

« This is certainly a heavy trip but a most lovely massive journey indeed. » (Vital Weekly)

3/4 BASTA Contrabass (1905) by Otto Lindholm

Released digitally on One Instrument


~ four passes with the giant ~

In Death's Dream Kingdom - V.A.

Released on Houndstooth - Jan 2018 (physical release Dec 7th 2018)


« Cain by Otto Lindholm with its tortured voices and shards of cello, is like William Blake soundtracked by Arthur Russell » (Stephen Worthy / MOJO)

« The set opens with Otto Lindholm's Cain - all Ligeti / Xenakis style doom and dirge and cooling solar flares - and it sets a twilight tone that gratifyingly never lifts » (Neil Kulkarni / The Wire)

ALTER by Otto Lindholm

Limited vnyl edition released on Gizeh Records - Oct 2017


« A gorgeous, snowbound record. You either listen to this or you make a big mistake » (Norman Records)

« An extraodinary LP. Deeply Meditative » (Mary Anne Hobbs / BBC)

« A self-inflicted duel between light and dark forces » (Self-Titled Mag)

« This is a mysterious and murky record » (Headphone Commute)

Otto Lindholm - Nilindigo (Official Video released by Nowness)

Video by Valéry Rosier


« Surging electronic contrabass soundtracks a symmetrical psychedelic saga » NOWNESS

Otto Lindholm - Caïman (Official video)

Video by 'Release The Swans'

Otto Lindholm by Otto Lindholm

Limited vnyl edition released on Icarus Records | Vynilla Vinyls - May 2016


« At once dangerous and stunningly beautiful » (FACT magazine)

« An absolutly incredible piece of music » (Mary Anne Hobbs / BBC)

« An incredible odyssey. A great year for classical deconstruction/detonation/disintegration with records by Roly Porter, Paul Jebanasam and Otto Lindholm » (The Bug)

« Stunning » (Rob Booth / Electronic Explorations)

« WOW » (Throwing Snow)

« Perfect train journey soundtrack » (Yves de Mey)