O t t o   L i n d h o l m

Otto Lindholm in "Nuit romaine" for the House of Dior

A ballet directed by Angelin Preljocaj and set in the Palazzo Farnese in Rome


A quadraphonic performance of ambient music composed in situ.

"Filling a space volume with sound, and thus resonate with its history, function and use"

Apophenia by Jean DL & Otto Lindholm

Released on Midira Records -  April 2021

"a pretty raw, serene album full of drones, sound shifts and layers." (Artnoir Musik Magazin)

Teaser video

V.A. We hovered with short wings

Released on Gizeh Records -  Dec 4 2020

We Hovered With Short Wings is a compilation album celebrating Gizeh's 100th release. It features 21 exclusive tracks from artists who have been involved with the label over the past 18 years.

« We Hovered With Short Wings is an inviting window to the past and potential future of the label.»  (A Closer Listen)

A River Flowing Home To The Sea by Maze & Lindholm

Released on Bedouin Recordings -  June19 2020

« a fluid meditation on altered mind states »  (Self-Titled Mag)

« ambient soundscapes flow at a quiet pace and invite us to experience a state of inner tranquillity. »  (Red Bull Elektropedia)

Reversion by Ben Bertrand & Otto Lindholm

Released on Takuroku (cafe OTO) -  Aug12 2020

« We designed a dense and mineral triptych. Digging into this music, we experienced the current and pressure of the passing time. At some point we saw light coming in. The transformation has already been done, reversion to fundamentals is now our single option » Bertrand & Lindholm

Where The Wolf Has Been Seen by Maze & Lindholm

Released on Aurora Borealis Recordings -  Nov16th  2018

Combining the talents of P.Maze, one half of noise/techno duo Orphan Swords, with fellow Brussels-based producer and musician Otto Lindholm, ‘Where The Wolf Has Been Seen’ is a meditative and claustrophobic work for electronics and double bass.

« This is certainly a heavy trip but a most lovely massive journey indeed. »  (Vital Weekly)

3/4 BASTA Contrabass (1905) by Otto  Lindholm

Released digitally on One Instrument

~ Haiku for Scodanibbio ~

In Death's Dream Kingdom - V.A.

Released on Houndstooth -  Jan 2018 (physical release Dec 7th 2018)

« Cain by Otto Lindholm with its tortured voices and shards of cello, is like William Blake soundtracked by Arthur Russell » (Stephen Worthy / MOJO)

« The set opens with Otto Lindholm's Cain - all Ligeti / Xenakis style doom and dirge and cooling solar flares - and it sets a twilight tone that gratifyingly never lifts » (Neil Kulkarni / The Wire)

ALTER by Otto Lindholm

Limited vnyl edition released on Gizeh Records - Oct 2017

« A gorgeous, snowbound record. You either listen to this or you make a big mistake »  (Norman Records)

« An extraodinary LP. Deeply Meditative » (Mary Anne Hobbs / BBC)

« A self-inflicted duel between light and dark forces » (Self-Titled Mag)

« This is a mysterious and murky record » (Headphone Commute)

Otto Lindholm - Nilindigo (Official Video released by Nowness)

Video by Valéry Rosier

« Surging electronic contrabass soundtracks a symmetrical psychedelic saga » NOWNESS

Otto Lindholm - Caïman (Official video)

Video by 'Release The Swans'

Otto Lindholm by Otto Lindholm

Limited vnyl edition released on Icarus Records | Vynilla Vinyls - May 2016

« At once dangerous and stunningly beautiful » (FACT magazine)

« An absolutly incredible piece of music » (Mary Anne Hobbs / BBC)

« An incredible odyssey. A great year for classical deconstruction/detonation/disintegration with records by Roly Porter, Paul Jebanasam and Otto Lindholm » (The Bug)

« Stunning » (Rob Booth / Electronic Explorations)

« WOW » (Throwing Snow)

« Perfect train journey soundtrack » (Yves de Mey)

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